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It is necessary to love all the Ashâb-i kirâm. To love them is to love our Sayyid, the Prophet. He stated in a hadîth: “He who loves them loves them because he loves me.” We should utterly avoid disliking them, especially from feeling hostility towards one of them because enmity towards them means enmity towards our Prophet. He said in a hadîth, “He who is their enemy is so because he is my enemy.” To revere, to respect those great people would be to revere and to respect the Best of Mankind. To belittle them would mean to belittle him. For respecting the company of the Best of Mankind and the words of the Best of Mankind, it is necessary to respect and esteem all of the Ashâb-i kirâm. Hadrat Abû Bakr-i Shiblî ‘quddisa sirruh’, one of the great ones of the Awliyâ, says, “A person who does not respect or esteem the Ashâb-i kirâm ‘radiy-Allâhu ta’âlâ ’anhum ajma’în’ has not believed in Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam’.”


Se'âdet-i Ebediyye ENDLESS BLISS Third Fascicle
Translations of letters from Imam-i Rabbani's Maktubat. Subjects include importance of having a correct belief and many issues related to namaz, sunnat, tawba, halal, haram, bid'at and tasawwuf..

This book contains 288 pages. You may request the book from the bookstore Hakikat. In order to read the full version of the book click on the picture or title.

You can reach the headlines easily from the contents page. Opening the page contents you can increase or decrease the contents stage by using the numbers at the top of the page and the (++) sign.


Sayyid 'Abdulhakim Effendi was very profound in religious knowledge and in ma'arif of tasawwuf. University members, scientists and statesmen would come to ask difficult questions that they thought to be unanswerable but would go out in contentment because they would find the answers -before they would ask for them- within an hour of his sohbat (company, preaching). Those who won his tawajjuh (attention, patronage) and love would see innumerable karamat. He was extremely modest and unperentious. He was never heard to say, "I personally..." He said, "We would not be taken into account... We cannot understand what those superiors have written. We read them only to get blessed with them." Whereas, he, too, was an expert in the same knowledge. Husain Hilmi Effendi's father-in-law, Yusuf Ziya' Akisik, one of his intimates and the Director of the Karamursal Textile Factory, said, "I kissed the palm of 'Abdulhakim Effendi in a dream and went to his house at Ayyub Sultan to tell him about my dream the following day, I bowed to kiss his hand as we always did when we met him. He stretched forward his blessed hand, the palm facing upward, and said, 'Kiss it the way you did last night,' and, as an act of kindness, he explained many things."


He disseminated throughout the world his Turkish, German, French, English and offset-reproduced Arabic books and received thousands of letters expressing appreciation, congratulations and thanks. Some of his works were translated into Japanese, Asian and African languages. He always said that he had neither the ability nor efficiency, and that all the services do ne were the results of the spiritual help and grace of Hadrat Sayyid 'Abdulhakîm Effendi and the blessings ensuing from his excessive love and respect for the scholars of Islam.Hüseyn Hilmi Effendi constantly said that he found the taste in the suhba and words of Sayyid 'Abdulhakîm Effendi in nothing else and that the most pleasant moments he enjoyed were when he remembered those sweet days he had spent with Sayyid 'Abdulhakîm Effendi. He said his nasal bones ached out of the grief of separation and yearning when he remembered those days.

usta: Ali Zeki Osmanağaoğlu
Diş Tabibi ve'un Kurucusu
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“What a pity on those who lived the same time as either one or both of their parents, but they could not obtain their parent’s consent.

  Allah exists
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Belief in Allah's
Does Allahu ta'ala
need our ibadat?
Prophets, religions
and books
Why did they
become muslim?
explanations about
What is the Qur'an?
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the Qur'an
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The miracles of
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Hadrat Muhammad
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of Hadrat Muhammad
Hadrat Muhammad's
Shariat is the essence
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Jesus was human.
He is not to
be worshipped
Jesus is a prophet.
He is not to
be worshipped
Islam is not a
religion of barbarism
Muslims are not
Answer to
a religiously
ignorant person
What is a true
Muslim like?
Faith of the
Ahl as-Sunna
73 groups and
Ahl as-Sunnat.
'One will be with
whom one loves.'
Imam al-Azam
Abu Hanifa
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